Artist, author, musician, professional, teacher, and guide, Frank Casula created and now facilitates the Foundations programs. Drawing out the hidden, latent, reserved potential in each person, is Frank Casula’s soul goal and natural skill.

For over 10 years Frank has studied with some of the most prominent teachers of human potential on the planet and is currently working on his Masters with the Chopra Centre. He has been developing and facilitating programs including group, one-on-one, public and private forums, to fathom and grow the human condition. The Foundations experiential programs are the best of these efforts.

Frank Casula grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada a son of immigrating parents. He had an upbringing and all the circumstances, which gave him every excuse to fail, be angry, feel less, and carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. He spent many years sabotaging relationships and careers… not really knowing he was doing it. He felt like he was doing what he was supposed to enjoy a full life, and yet happiness, true happiness was never around long.

Frank discovered that the secrets of life are not secrets and is dedicated to helping you discover who you really are, and what it means to break the hypnosis.

Developing an identity consciously, conspicuously and copiously is possible, and delivers daily rewards in all our relationships, at work, with children, and living fulfilling life. This is how Frank came into all the successes of his life, even though on paper, the odds were stacked against him.

Frank changed the direction in his life, and today manages several careers and companies. All growing! Frank loves to create opportunities for others to step up and into who they really are. He enjoys world travel, nature in every regard, a good laugh, a warm smile, a big heart and eyes that never dim.

Below is a list of experience from which Frank Casula draws from. For further information do contact: [email protected].

• Event and Media Producer
• Workshop Development and Delivery
• Group Director
• Meditation & Yoga Instructor
• Musician / Singer / Songwriter
• Integration and Personal Mentor Program
• Published Author
• Retreat Developer and Facilitator
• SoundWork as Soulwork Practitioner
• Engaging Public Speaker


Frank Casula
2412 Queen Street East, Suite 303
Toronto, Ontario
M1N 1A2

(416) 629-4375

[email protected]