At the base of each of us are a string of identity statements. You may not know what these are, and yet they govern your life! We each constantly, consciously or unconsciously revert to them. Foundations programs are engineered to bring you the life skills to tend or mend these building blocks of your life.

Most of the time, these identity paradigms are formed in an early stage of our life. As we grow older, we continue to act them out in relationships, work, and play - over and over and over again.

Identity Signatures are personal in nature. These can become habits of personal sabotage and acted out on others. An identity paradigm is the sub-text of the disappointments, fears and limitations we experience. These are brought out into our personal relationships, through careers, romance, and life achievements. Identity signatures can hold us up, back or down from living and achieving incredible lives.

Foundations are experiential learning programs that are designed to coax you to know more of you, and educate you on the tools and practices that you can bring to bear towards living the fulfilling life of your choice.